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VETER SIGN SDN BHD is a one-stop signs company, with a remarkable standing in the industry over the past decade. We understand and explore the need for signage and advertising, which we view as an essential and a powerful catalyst for business success.

There is difference between SIGNS and ADVERTISING. Signs or signage is mainly used for public welfare, or with the purpose of providing public service. The function of signage is only same with advertisement's under certain conditions, it can be considered as a advertising method that used to promote products and gain benefits. When the signage is located at hospital, school, airport, park and other public places, there is no benefit factor at all, which only service for the city and people's lives.

If ADVERTISING belongs to the category of Marketing, then SIGNS will basically belong to the category of Information Engineering. Signs or signage is using a variety of materials, forms, and also different expression techniques, which will keep changing and progressing, along with the development of science and technology. Therefore, the main purpose of signs is to communicate, to convey information such that the receiver may make cognitive decisions based on the information provided.

In the current highly competitive market, you can achieve the business edge through strong and effective signage advertising. It is focused on inducing attention at sight and creating an impression. We cater your business needs and assist you in achieving the full potential and success of your products or services. Simply, we put your business at the competitive advantage and MAKE YOUR BRAND OUTSTANDING.

Signs by VETER is enhanced with the most durable materials used, and the most creative concepts adopted. Our excellence in craftsmanship is a guarantee of the best products and creations, and also a guarantee of our business to yours. Our portfolio of signage fabrication is a testimony of our dedication and passion. Each signage is combining with the latest technologies with innovative design, engineering and manufacturing to hit a specific target group.

Besides signage, we also possess display systems which enable advertisers to be creative and play with unlimited advertising options. From construction, maintenance, marketing and planning of all our signage and display system, we deliver the best concept and make things right.

At VETER, your business is our priority.


         Creative & Customized Designs

         Product Quality & Durability

         Superior Craftsmanship

         Excellent Pre & Post Service

         Best Value For Your Budget

         Research & Development

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